being clear is not the same as being right


I had a long and fruitful discussion with Timo this evening about cell groups, training leaders and discipling others. A good discussion is one that leaves me thinking long after the conversation is over. And today I had this one thought:

Being clear is not the same as being right.

Though there are certain things about ministry which I am able to articulate in a clearer way because I had thought through it, that alone does not make me right. And on the flipside, sometimes though I am not very clear in explaining my thoughts, that alone should not be a discouragement as well.

It was a good lesson about listening ā€“ though I think I was so passionate about what I was saying, I talked a lot ā€“ and humility.

The funny thing is, I discovered later from Graham that everyone sitting outside Timo’s office could hear us haha! Errr.


One Response to “being clear is not the same as being right”

  1. 1 baa the white sheep

    i like your profile thing on G (:
    and i’ve never seen someone using wordpress go back to blogspot, only the other way round(:
    God bless you sister(:
    hope all’s well with teaching(:
    do meet up some time if possible k!!

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